One Month Natural: I Feel Good

25 Jul

Who would have thought that instead of people looking at my natural hair saying, “Girl you need a perm!” They now say, “Wow she has some pretty hair.”  In the hair salon, as the stylist chopped away the last of my relaxer, that was the first time anyone has ever complimented my natural hair.


Trust me, I did all that I could to hold on to that straight hair because that was all I knew. However, I realized that as I straightened my hair that that also caused a significant amount of damage to my hair and its natural curl pattern and that’s when I said, “That’s it! I can’t take it anymore! I am going all the way!” 


There is a little bit of a back story that I would like to share. I thought about going natural when I was freshman in college and I was kind of tired of the same relaxing routine. My hair was beautiful, but it was really crying for help. I began to notice that it was not taking relaxers like it used to and that it was thinner than I remember. So, long story short, I straightened my hair for about 11 months and I would get my signature “Shirley Temple” curls if I felt like I was using the flat iron a bit too much. June 8, I chopped the rest of my relaxed hair off! “I Am Not My Hair” by India.arie played in my head the whole time the stylist chopped it away.


It felt so good! No more headaches of inhaling relaxer cream as it coated my hair and burned my irritated and sensitive scalp. No more paying anyone to constantly to retouch my hair as I fought to tame the thickness that did not want to be tamed. I already did not wear makeup, weave, wigs or fake nails, so I said why not be fully natural. By the way, I have experienced each one of these things and do a couple of them from time to time such as the makeup and nails, but not often.


Anyway,  as I was leaving the salon I received my “I went natural today!!!!” button and then all I could hear playing in my head was “I Feel Good” by Mary J. Blige. I went out to the mall and the movies and felt FABULOUS!!!



It was different and I missed my length. I had to practice holding my head up high because there was no hair protecting those insecurities anymore, so I shook it off, kept living my life, and was happy!


The point is I feel good and I am so thankful that God was and still is with me every step of the way. He has blessed me with this hair that I thought was a curse for so long. I also am grateful for the love and support I received from family and friends even if some had mixed reviews. The most important thing is that God loves me and I love myself. 


I am one month natural and I feel good!






The picture above is after my big chop. I absolutely loved it! 

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Check out my new YouTube channel!

25 Jul

Check out my new YouTube channel!

The channel shows all kinds of information about being natural and the things that compliment that from inner beauty to outer beauty. I also share a few fashion and sewing tips. Oh and maybe some singing and guests!


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Southern Designer Showcase

15 Apr

For Belk’s 125th Anniversary, Belk is looking for designers for the Southern Designer Showcase.

The winner will have their fashions featured in 2013.

How cool is that?

I’m nervous, but I’m trying to push myself to do some stuff outside of school.

Pray for me.

I’m thinking about using some of the fashions from my past projects.  (Hover over the “Projects” link to be taken to those pages.)  What do you think?

Fall Fashion Is Here!

28 Oct

Yeah to fun colors, bold prints, psychedelic furs, tuxedo inspired suits, and reptile skinned accessories. That’s whats going on this season, but we cannot forget the joy of layering. Fall is all about layering and depending on where you live you can mix and match thinner or short-sleeved  clothing with warmer clothing as you slowly transition into colder weather. Sorry to those who live in cold places. I love the South! This week is all about October greatness from the monument of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to honoring the pink ladies representing breast cancer. The State Fair is great fun too. It is also the month of homecoming. So how do you prepare for homecoming?

I personally love hoodies and scarfs, especially on a chilly day going off to the game. School colors are a must. Be sure to support your school because they did not have to accept you, but they saw something in you. Give back, whether you are a current student or an alumni.

Fashion vs. Mood

15 Oct

Have you ever had one of those days when the items you wore were things that related to the kind of mood you had?  According to Webster’s Dictionary, mood is “a temporary state of mind or feeling, as indicated by the trend in one’s thoughts.”

Interesting, even our way of thinking is trendy.

For the past week, I have seen  and experienced all kinds of moods and I noticed people wear their feelings. What do I mean by wearing feelings? Well, one example is the obvious, on their face.  But this evening I would like to discuss different moods in several general areas and what their influence is on fashion.

The ups and downs in life have a large impact on the lives of everyone around the world.  The first way an emotion is expressed is by one’s appearance of clothing such as color and texture. For example, someone who wears red may be angry or they may be in love.  Someone who wears black may feel either depressed or sad or they just like wearing a neutral color to look slimmer or add a touch of class to their wardrobe.  It’s almost as if we are walking mood rings. The clothing you wear can make you feel good about yourself or bad.  That’s why the texture is so important. People that feel mopey tend to choose fabrics that a comforting such as cotton, which is soft and absorbs sweat which is caused by stress and fatigue. They may choose spandex to show off curves to regain confidence after a break up.  Also, because spandex clings to the body; it makes a person feel as if they are being embraced.

The Start of a Blog

8 Oct

This is my very first blog post – and I’m a little unsure of what exactly to write!  I know that I’d like to keep up with the world of fashion, practice my writing, and build my digital portfolio – but other than that, I’m not exactly sure where to begin.

I suppose the only place to begin is at the beginning!

Hello World!  Meet Geli!

(Is this the place where I throw my hat into the air like Mary Tyler Moore?  With a dash of Diahann Carroll‘s class?  I guess it is!)